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Online televions programs to learn Chinese; Daily Expressions

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Index for level one:

Chinese Express, Chapter#
Title of the lesson Grammar & listening exercises

Pinyin table 1
Pinyin table 2 (practise R with this table)



Consonnance diagram

Revision steps

Space repetition





Sentence structure:

4 Date & Days

Numbers : pdf file; sound file (1-50)

Months & week.pdf

Months- sound file

Week-sound file

Additional vocab- pdf file (ie. this week, last year) -sound file

Writing Exericse Sound file
Writing Exercise pdf


5 Time

Time table - o'clock.pdf-Sound file 

Sentences with structure of subject+time+action- pdf
sound file

Writing Exericse :sound file
Writing Exercise : pdf

liǎng v.s. èr:

shàng & xià

6 ,7

Revision of lesson 1-5

Tel & address

Sentence structure : Person/an object - at a location- pdf ; Sound file

Sentence structure ( address)

Writing exercise :sound file
Writing exercise : pdf


8 Family



Expressions 'This is mine/yours...'pdf

Expressions 'This is mine/yours...' mp3

Invitation for a meal on birthday.pdf

Invitation for a meal on birthday(slow speed)

Invitation for a meal on birthday(regular speed)


9 Work & professionals

Sentences with structure of subject+at place+action: pdf
sound file

Writing exercise : pdf
Writing exercise :sound file

10, 11 Hobbies and activities

Sentences with structure of subject +time+place+action: pdf file ; sound file

time measurement with ''gè''

Sentence structure: subject-action-duration of time: pdf ; sound file

Sentences structure: doing something with somebody(gēn..yìqǐ)(---pdf; sound file


Expressions with 'le'

Expressions with actions happen at the same time (yìbiān, deshíhou) pdf-Sound file

22, 23 Directions

Sentence structure for direction


CE-L22-additional expressions.pdf

CE-L23-additional expressions.pdf

CE-L23-additional expressions.mp3

time measurement with ''gè''

Sentences structure: subject- action-duration of time


Dialogue- revisions

  More sentences structure  
15, 16, 17 Shopping


yìdiǎnr (a little bit)

25 weather

CE-L25- Comparison (bǐ ; gēn.....yíyàng)

CE-L25- Comparison (more examples)



sound file

28 Health & body Body vocabulary