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Mandarin Lessons and Conversation course (Level One -Beginners)

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Students will develop basic language skills including learning Mandarin alphabet, practising four tones of Mandarin, basic Chinese grammar, oral conversation and comprehension. I put emphasize on helping my students to establish a solid foundation of the language including proper pronunciation, understanding the rules of sentences patterns and apply it properly.

• Content of the course:

Grammar aspect: Interrogative pronounces "What " "Who" "How many"; possessive particle; statements in positive and negative forms.
Topics and Expressions covered: Greetings, description of family, work and profession, description of activities with time and dates, making phone calls, shopping.
Student will also learn basic vowel, consonances and practise the four tones of Mandarin.

•About the course:

1 ) The course is introduced in combination of lecture as well as conversational workshop . The group is averaged of 4 students so that each student has good chance to participate in conversation during the class.

2 ) I focus on developing the students' interactive communication skill. The courses are very interactive. Students will learn with my custom-built multimedia programs with photographic images to initiate interactive conversation in the class. Not only it is more interesting to learn with photographic images, my students can make liaison directly between the images and the language itself without going through translation process. As a result, it facilitates their learning. Base on the images, my students ask questions, give descriptions of the pictures and tell stories. Instead of following traditional method of listening and repeat grammar pattern drills, I focus on interactive communication skills.

3) Training of pronunciation : Mandarin is a tonal language . Learners require feedback and correction from the teacher in order to develop correct pronunciation of tones . I put emphasize on proper pronunciation of the language not only with the vowels, consonances but also with tones.

4) I take reference of the curriculum of the Chinese courses at local universities and re-arrange it in order to adapt to the pace of part time learners. Although I don't absolutely follow the professional textbook, I make good use of its well developed exercises so as to enable my students to practise the language in a holistic approach when it is necessary.

5) For beginners, learning Chinese characters is optional and is customized at your own pace depending on your availability of time.
Frequently asked question: Is it important to learn Chinese characters?

• Audio files and supplementary exercises will also be provided(no additional charge).

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